Kodu in the Klassroom!

Since my last post I have spent a lot of time playing with Kodu, with new versions of the Beta being release regularly by Microsoft, the most recent being With each new version  the stability and usability increases significantly. The current version works really well on the PC with a keyboard and mouse although having now invested in an X-Box Flyercontroller this would have to be my preference. I picked up a wired PC one for just £14.99 from Play.com. This really increases the playing experience and I know the students will love this method (especially as they’ll be tricked into learning!!) I’m hoping to purchase around 15 next term so I will at least have enough for the students to share. I just need to put together a scheme of work and I’ll be ready to let Kodu loose in my classroom!

In addition to this, as part of my work as Lead Practitioner next year I am hoping to run a hands-on seminar, probably in Maidstone, on the use of Kodu (click on the picture to download a flyer!).  I’ll keep you posted on the seminar developments!

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