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  1. Dave Osborne

    Hi Nikki
    Was told about your website at CAS HUB, it is amazing, I am so impressed at the work you have been doing… Thank you for making it available.

  2. Rahman

    Hi Craig, Very good information you have on here.

    I am a single department Computing teacher as well as being my first job.

    I don’t have a clue on how to implement the new national curriculum. I don’t even have a base.

    When will you have your links to the KS3 curriculum? I’m planning to use yours as a base and then develop once i’m comfortable.

    Would you be able to help me out please?


  3. Nicki Post author

    Hi Rahman

    It’s Nicki, not Craig 🙂

    I am working the KS3 currriculum stuff now and if you go to the KS3 page you’ll see that a lot of it has links already. I can’t give you an answer as to when it will all be done though. I’m aiming for September but that may be optimistic!



  4. Sharna-lynn Yarde

    I absolutely love this website!!! This has been my go to website from the start of my teaching career 3 years ago.I love how all of these lessons are so engaging and brilliantly planned. So kind of you to share all of your hard work, I am very grateful and would be lost for fun computing ideas without this website. I can’t thank you enough!

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