Key Stage 3

Year 7

Year 7 will begin by completing an Initial Computing Assessment when they join the school.

Topic Overview
7.1 Digital Literacy This scheme of work gives learners a basic introduction to key Information Technology skills through the use of Microsoft Office.
7.2 Game Creation in Kodu Game Lab This scheme of work aims to teach students the fundamentals of games programming using Kodu Game Lab.
7.3 Web Awareness A Spiderman-themed topic which teaches children the fundamentals of the World Wide Web.
7.4 What are Computers? This scheme of work gives learners an understanding of the key components that make up a computer system and how computers work.
7.5 Algorithms and Programming STILL BEING DEVELOPED.

Year 8

Topic Overview
8.1 Grand Designs More traditional ICT topic with the addition of 3D modelling using Sketchup.
8.2 Python Magic This is a scheme of work for teaching children the basics of programming using Python.
8.3 Animation Project This is an existing scheme of work where the students design, create and evaluatE an animation for a specific purpose.(Still need to adapt the assessment to meet the new requirements.)
8.4 Ingenious Inventions STILL BEING DEVELOPED.(This will be a scheme of work where students will come up with inventions that will use a computer control system of some kind, this will focus on using Flowol or Scratch to design the systems).
8.5 What are Computers? (Part II) STILL BEING DEVELOPED.(This will be an extension of the year 7 scheme of work)

Year 9

Topic Overview
9.1 Digital Imaging This is a scheme of work teaching image representation and Photoshop.
9.2 Web Development This scheme of work is designed to give learners an introduction to the main languages involved in web development.
9.3 Wedding Planner STILL BEING DEVELOPED/UPDATED.(This will incorporate many of the skills from the Edexcel GCSE in ICT which we currently offer in year 10.)
9.4 Computer Crime Lab STILL BEING DEVELOPED.(This will cover the creation and searching of a criminal database as well as giving an understanding of computer crimes and an understanding of cryptography.)
9.5 Entry Level Computing From next year (2016) I intend to offer OCR’s Entry Level Computing but this year we are going to finish the year with the Year 8 Python Magic SoW instead as the current year 9s have not done any programming so far.

33 thoughts on “Key Stage 3

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  2. Beverley Dillon

    I like your resources . I work in KS2 and many of your KS3 resources are useful to us. I am going to try Kodu with my years 5 and 6. They love Scrath and Alice, so this should be fun.

  3. Jane

    Hi Nikki, I am just in the middle of developing a new KS3 curriculum, which will be suitable for the 2014 curriculum and am really impressed by your ideas and the quality of your resources. I am collaborating with a number of colleagues from a few different schools and am hoping that many heads will make for a fantastic curriculum. We will also be focusing on assessment and coming up with an alternative to the old levels, which are being dropped in the new 2014 curriculum. I will email you everything we come up with to keep the sharing alive. Many thanks and good luck with the new term x

  4. Tammy

    Thank You niki. We don’t teach year 7’s but from next year we are having to do that so I was looking for inspiration and I came across your web page.

    Very good SOW- excellent. Thank you very much for the resources. I will let you know which one’s I might be using.

  5. Gareth Martin

    Entry level computing in the last term of year 9. I ran it last year from September to April and that was tight.

  6. Nicki Post author

    How many lessons per week is that? I did a slightly condensed version with the year 9s in my last school and covered most of the content (except the exam) from April to July. That was with two lessons a week. I’m not sure yet whether to actually run the full qualification or just pick out key parts to prepare them for the GCSE.

  7. Gareth Martin

    Hi Nicki,

    We did the OCR entry level course. There are small 3 small exams (24 marks), a controlled assessment (40 marks) and a presentation on trends in computing (16 marks). We only had one hour a week though. Do you think the specification may have changed? You have to get the final marks in by May 15th, then a sample of work is asked for.

  8. Fasal

    Excellent resources. I will be teaching python to key stage 3 and this all will be new to them, therefore which version of python would be easy for students to learn? where can I download it from?

  9. Victoria


    Your resources are amazing. The students in Year 7 at my school are enjoying Digital Literacy at the moment, your PowerPoint slides are eye catching. I’m looking forward to delivering your ‘What are Computers?’ scheme to all my KS3 students as an introduction to Computing – I love the slides and activities so I’m sure the boys will too!

    Thanks for sharing, it really has made my live easier this September.


  10. Sasha

    Thank you so much for sharing these, I am new to teaching ICT and these are helping a lot! I was just wondering when the rest of the topics will be updated? They are so brilliant!

  11. Nicki Post author

    Hi Sasha

    Pleased you find them useful. Can’t put a timeline on it I’m afraid, I’m working through them but I’m a little behind schedule as I’ve had a busy term.



  12. Matt Jones


    Just wanted to say a massive thanks for posting your resources online, resources that must have taken you many hours/days/weeks/months to put together!!!

    We have used many of your resources since we have switched to Computer Science and our students have loved them, and I just wanted to show my appreciation to you for doing this, your generosity is truly amazing…


  13. Michael

    Hi Nicki,

    I am using your units of work with KS3 and they are really enjoying them. Do you have any further information for the release of your Year 9 units please?

    Many thanks,


  14. Nicki Post author

    Hi Michael

    The most recent year 9 SoW I added was the Web Development one. I’m currently working on the Wedding Planner but it won’t be ready for a good month or so as I’m busy over Easter. (bit behind schedule with resource development in general!)


  15. Louise Rennie

    Excellent resources! Any chance you have finished the other units for KS3? I hope you don’t mind me using/adapting yours for delivery in September 2015.


  16. Nicki Post author

    Hi Louise, thanks for the feedback. They’re not finished yet, I’ll uploaded them once they are done. I’m hoping to get a few finished this term as I have some gained time from year 11 leaving.


  17. Shaun Whorton

    Hi Nicki,
    I came across your Web Awareness SOW on the CAS forums which lead me to here. Can I just say, as a fellow CS teacher, just how impressed I am with these resources. I am currently re-writing our KS3 curriculum for next year and your resources feature heavily throughout. Very interesting, accessible and fun all round! I can’t wait to see your other SOW’s when they are published. Your generosity is hugely appreciated. Please drop me a line should you need any resources of mine for KS4/5.

  18. Nicki Post author

    Hi Shaun

    Thank you for the lovely comment, glad to hear you are finding my resources useful!


  19. Jonathan Prosser

    I work at Centre Academy East Anglia, and teach ICT at a special needs school. I was new to teaching this level last year and used you Grand Designs material which was a great help. Is the material free? I may like to use some of your Digital Literacy or What are Computers material this term?

  20. Heather

    I am looking at putting something new again into year 9. The level 1 computing OCR is where my thoughts lie at the moment. On an hour per week for core students how did you find this?

  21. Nicki Post author

    Hi Heather

    I didn’t end up doing it this year as other topics took a lot longer than I’d planned. I’m not sure whether I’ll run the whole course this year or maybe just aspects of it. Hope it goes well.


  22. Melanie

    Hi Nicki,

    Really loving your resources. Ironically, we paid for a subscription to access some KS3 resources as we recreate our new curriculum – and I have replaced a lot of what we originally planned to use with your gorgeous work. Thank you so much for your generosity, our pupils are very happy ICT’ers! (and CS’ers obviously..!)

  23. Helen

    Hi Nikki
    Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for sharing your resources. They are fantastic! I love your PowerPoint designs and clarity and they have given me so much inspiration. My year 7s and 8s have loved the what are computers unit and looking forward next half term to the KODU. The other day they begged me to do some more binary coding with them (after teaching it to them the previous week, and this was bottom set)! My year 11 computer scientist could believe what we were doing and having so much fun as well. Really looking forward to teaching the other units. In the past we have wasted so much money on poor resources, but yours are amazing. Thank you again.

  24. Emma

    Hi Nicki,

    I just wanted to say a very big thank you to you. I am a primary trained Music and HPE teacher. I have been thrown in the deep end this year and I am going to be teaching 7, 8 and 9 ICT. Two months ago, I didn’t even know what coding was (I’m still teaching myself the very basics). Your resources have been a MASSIVE help to me. I’m very slowly starting to gain enough confidence to teach this subject, this is because of you. 🙂 I am looking forward to seeing your year 9 unit with “Crime Computer Lab”. That sounds extremely interesting.

  25. Nicki Post author

    Hi Emma, unfortunately it will be a while before I develop further resources. I’m currently on maternity leave after a rather eventful few months, you can read about what’s happened on my most recent blog post.

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