9.2 Web Development

This scheme of work is designed to give learners an introduction to the main languages involved in web development. Learners will begin by gaining an understanding of the hardware and protocols involved with networking before developing their own websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

To find out more about this topic please download the scheme of work below. This unit can be purchased using the link below or from the store page which includes the teacher’s powerpoint and all resources required in an editable format. Please read the comments below for customer opinions.

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2 thoughts on “9.2 Web Development

  1. Moya Shannon

    Thanks for posting this – I’m going to base my new course on this SOW rather than the one I developed last year which got too complicated. This looks really clear and easy to understand with some good ideas.

  2. Victoria Gray

    Nicki – another fab SOW. Not only student friendly but non-specialist friendly too! I’m sure the teachers helping me out will enjoy learning all about Web Development with their students too!
    Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

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