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  1. Kevin

    Well done with the award. I know I don’t get much chance to surf your blog but you are always the first place I look for new innovations. I am finally teaching Scratch to year 7 students and would like to know if there are any work books out there. I have a work book which create a simple PacMan game which the students love. I wondered if there were any others and I thought you might know where to look.
    A great site. Keep up the great work
    Kevin Tiernan
    Ex-Leading ICT Teacher Urban Swale, Kent.
    Ps. All my students have Wii Me, created by “myavatareditior”. (thanks)

  2. Craig Sargent

    Hi Nicki,

    Was excellent to see you in person at BETT. Keep up the amazing work, really inspiring teachers to push the envolope. My students and my department are going to love the new KS3 I have planned for next year.



  3. Paul Lord

    Hi Nicki

    As a tiny part of my role as ‘e-Learning Champion’ I produce a monthly bulletin for schools, I thought you might be interested to see what I have put in the January bulletin:

    ‘Lordy’s Links’
    Again Paul shares 3 web links which relate to ICT in education. – Finally, if you did not see The Geeky ICT Teacher’ at BETT this year (aka Nicki Maddams), you must visit her website. Back to gaming again! This time it’s a PC interface, Nicki shows you how to create a simple game with ‘Kodu’. There are full lesson plans in her Resources – KS3 section of the site and also some for our old favourite ‘Scratch’. A great site for the latest innovative ideas.

  4. Steve Dowdall

    Hi Nicki
    Can you please confirm your email address? I’m getting delivery error.


  5. Nicki Post author

    The email address listed here is correct. Not sure why you are getting an error? Are you on Twitter? You could try sending a message through there if it’s still not working for you?

  6. Zena Campbell

    Hi Nicki

    Remember me I met you at the Cambridge Tech – Level 3 training and I promised to contact you. Thank you again for your excellent resources you have produced you are a inspiration!
    Just wanted to know if you have made any resources for Cambridge Tech IT – Unit 1, if so are you going to upload on to your site.
    Desperately seeking Zena!

  7. Lee Springett

    Hi Nicki, sorry for the long message, tried to email you but kept bouncing back. Please feel free to email back with your response.

    Hope you well and don’t mind me asking you a couple of quick things.

    Firstly, I am giving a brief introduction followed by workshop on KODU to KS2 & 3 teachers down here in sunny Cornwall on Wednesday. As mentioned before, I have used many of your resources to build an extended 12 week introduction unit with KODU that we run with year 7s so am checking that you are ok for me to share my adapted resources with others on the day (I will of course acknowledge you).

    The second thing is, I’ve been looking through the draft computing curriculum and have linked KODU to stands 1,2,3 at KS2 but am not entirely confident how it may fit in with KS3 (I expect in year 7 still). I think it will suite well for stands 1& 3 but thought best to ask what the person who is really in the know about KODU think.

    Finally, I’m just putting the finishing touches to my SoW and resources for the extended PC Basics, which will zip up and send over hopefully by the end of the week. We use Moodle quite heavy here so the courses are built on that, I can send the backup files if you want as well.

  8. James Crowe

    All resources excellent …very kind of you to share them with everyone! About to publish (on CAS) my first draft of KS3 Computing SOW would really appreciate your thoughts.

  9. Steve Jenkinson


    Have you ever considered using or do you know any teachers who are using Minecraft as part of the Computer Science delivery at KS3?

    I originally looked at learning Javascript via Minecraft but have since decided this would be too much however there is a mod in Minecraft called Computercraft which allows the user to control devices and robots via programs created in Lua the minecraft programming language.

    There are mining turles ( and the youtube videos on noob to Pro on Programming in computer craft – to give you an insight.

    The turtle programming reminds me a lot about the original turtle programs in the Software called turtle where you had pen up and pen down and directional commands.

    I am currently trying to purchase Minecraftedu licenses from as I believe the turtle programming is the way forward.

    I plan on using the ‘game’ in my History lessons as there’s a raft of History based worlds that teachers are using the US and it also encourages colobrative work when they work as a team to solve problems.

    I would be interested to hear if you have any plans to incorporate this into your Scheme of work.


  10. Jackie Maughan

    HI Nicki
    I’ve just been looking at your post about computing for year 7 & 8. Your ideas/resources look great. We are looking at doing some computing with year 7 & 8 aswell starting in September but are worried about assessment. Just wondering how you are planning to assess the work e.g. applying old nc levels

  11. Mo Everett

    Hi Nicki

    Mo Everett here (Chief Co-Ordinator for Cambridge Technicals in IT). I have found your website and was having a good look at it. Just a point that you may want to note on the website. OCR have produced recording documents for every unit and it is a mandatory requirement for centres to use them. I noted that you had uploaded your own version on the site. The moderator visiting a centre is duty bound to pick them up on it if they use the incorrect documentation.

    Kind regards


  12. Nicki Post author

    Hi Mo

    Thanks for your comment. Which recording documents are you referring to? Is this the assessment logs? If so the ones on here are just for internal use as they break down the criteria further than OCR’s ones so it makes marking easier. I complete the OCR front sheets for the visiting moderator.



  13. Nicki Post author

    Hi Jackie

    I’m still looking into this at the moment. Once I’ve come up with something I’ll share it on here! 🙂

  14. Nicki Post author

    Hi Steve I’ve not really looked at Minecraft myself but have a colleague who is very interested so I will share this with him. Thanks 🙂

  15. Dave

    Hi Nicki
    thanks for your time and great resources. I have a question, I am starting to teach Kodu in KS3 next term. Is there anywhere you know where schools can purchase the wired controllers. Ebay seems rather expensive. Much appreciated


  16. Nicki Post author

    Hi Dave

    Our technicians purchased them through one of their regular suppliers, I think they cost around £17 each.


  17. Steve Jenkinson

    Nicki any chance I could be put in touch with your colleague regards Minecraft usage? It would appear that the local authority is now offering a course in Minecraft in the classroom so it looks like at least some people in education are finally seeing its worth beyond it being a game.

    Main webpage – is that a Nicki Minecraft avatar I spot??

  18. Nicki Post author

    Hi Steve! Yes it is a Minecraft avatar! I became quite hooked on the game a while back, particularly in the potential of programming projects – I’ve tried out Javascript and Python so far. Would be interested to see what the local authority are offering? I’m in Kent, where are you based? Please do pass my details onto your colleague.

  19. james

    Hi Nicki,

    Some great resources on here especially with the changes to the curriculum coming up, very interested in what your developing.

    I read in one of your previous posts about using an open badge system, I was just wondering if you are still doing this and if so how are you going to manage it/how it actually works.

    Keep up the fantastic work.

  20. Nicki Post author

    Hi James,
    Thanks. Yes, I’m still hoping to use the Open Badges but am not completely sure how to implement them yet. Since that post I have started at a new school and we have a VLE that might enable us to give out the badges there but am also investigating the use of OneNote. Once I’ve made a decision on the best way I’ll probably put up a post on here.

    Thanks again for the lovely comments.


  21. Remo Munk-Olesen

    Hi Nicki…
    I’m looking for a toturial, thats make me go to NeXT level
    when i have 20 point.
    I have been looking at youtube, and cut not find anything at all.
    Can you please help me.

    Best Regards

  22. Nicki Post author

    Hi Remo, in the worlds section there is a “Next Level” block to select so your Kodu code would look something like this:
    WHEN score 20 DO Next Level (this basically loads a new world so you have to create that world first.) Hope that helps!

  23. Andy

    Firstly let me say a massive well done for this site – it is exceptional!
    I’ve just moved into a new role and as an additional subject I’ve taken over as the computing teacher for KS3. Our students start next week and there is no planning in place so I am madly scouring the web for resources and a SOW. I might have missed it on your site but have you posted an all encompassing SOW or just ones linked to units that you have tailored so far? If not, could you recommend other places to search to find complete yrs 7, 8 & 9 schemes linked to the new POS that I could use to start off with and then add to them as I go.
    Any guidance / help that you could offer would make me eternally grateful!

  24. Andy

    Thanks Nicki – thats really useful.
    I’m definitely going to use your resources to start a Kodu after school club.

  25. James V

    Hi Nicki, as the queen of KODU I was wondering if you have any idea if there is going to be a UK KODU Kup 2015?

    Fantastic resources by the way!

    Best regards,


  26. Leanne Brunt

    Thank you for these fantastic resources. I am delivering unit 17 and am wondering what software you used for the authoring? did you just use Powerpoint and was it acceptable via the moderation.

    Many thanks Leanne

  27. Lorraine

    Hi Nicky,

    Do you have any resources for unit 2. Currently started to teach this course for the first year and finding it hard to find any resources. Can you point me in the right direction if possible.

    Many thanks


  28. Nicki Post author


    I’m guessing you mean Unit 2 for Cambridge Technicals? No, sorry haven’t taught that unit yet and probably going to give it to my business department to deliver next year as I’ll be on maternity leave.



  29. Emma Green

    Hi Nicki,

    Firstly I wanted to say thank you very much for sharing your resources on your website. I am by trade a music and HPE teacher but was given the task of Year 7, 8 and 9 ICT this year. I’m from Australia and at the end of last year didn’t even understand what coding was. Your site has extended my knowledge greatly in just a short amount of time. I just wanted to personally thank you.

    I should mention that I am currently teaching at a distance education school where our demographic is rapidly changing from isolated students to medical and behaviour students in town. These units have so far grabbed the students attention and they are participating and attending classes.

    I’m eagerly awaiting your updates on your algorithms and programming, ingenious inventions and crime lab units. They sound very interesting and I think the students will love it.

    Once again thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.

  30. Nicki Post author

    Thanks for your lovely comment Emma, glad to be of some help. Unfortunately it will be a while before I develop further resources. I’m currently on maternity leave after a rather eventful few months, you can read about what’s happened on my most recent blog post.

  31. Nadia

    Hi Niki

    I sent you an email regarding your baseline test? Just have a few questions regarding it. Any chance of a quick chat?


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