7.2 What are Computers?

The aim of this unit is toΒ give learners an understanding of the key components that make up a computer system, including inputs and outputs and hardware. In addition they will be introduced to binary and how to convert between binary and denary numbers and will gain a basic understanding of computer networks and operating systems. They will also look at health and safety issues surrounding the use of computers.

To find out more about this topic please download the scheme of work below. This unit can be purchased using the link below or from the store page which includes the teacher’s powerpoint and all resources required in an editable format. Please read the comments below for customer opinions.

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43 thoughts on “7.2 What are Computers?

  1. Nicki Post author

    It should be working, I’ve just tested out on a PC at work and it works fine for me! Maybe try a different computer? If it still doesn’t work please share some details about what is happening.


  2. J. Towner

    You resources are fantastic. How do you find the time?

    I am using these to help me develop KS3 computing resources – I have a couple of questions.

    1. What year groups do you teach each unit too?
    2. How many hours a week do your students get for ICT/Computing? As your skills builder seems to run the whole year and the other SoW’s fit in each term.

    Cheers and thanks

  3. Gill

    Hi Nicki
    These resources are excellent and just the help I need as I’m new to teaching Year 7 & 8 ICT. My school is having a clamp down on printing and I wondered if you are able to share these activities in Word so that pupils can complete them digitally and save rather than printing?

  4. Chris Husband

    Hi Nicky, great resources, especially with the new curriculum in mind. How do you assess this resources at the moment?

  5. mo

    Thanks for these lovely [and detailed] resources. I am hoping to use some in the new year as we start teaching programming.
    Thanks again, Mo

  6. Nicki Post author

    Hi Chris, thanks for your comment. Assessment is tricky at the moment as the government are changing this and there does not seem to be a definitive answer at the moment. I’ve been using the old APP methods mostly for the time being.

  7. Nicki Post author

    Hi, thanks for your comment. I’m currently changing my units around so can’t give a definitive answer to your first question! For example, I’ve just moved Kodu to year 7 and PC basics will also probably move to year 7. My students have one hour per week. I’ve just condensed my skill builder SoW so it doesn’t last as long now we need to fit more into the curriculum.

  8. Nicki Post author

    Hi John

    Pleased you like this set of resources. Good news – I am currently updating this topic, I’ve revamped most of the resources and will be adding lessons on more in-depth areas too over the next couple of months such as operating systems and how the CPU works, this will include a full scheme of work as well and be posted here when it’s complete.

    Nicki πŸ™‚

  9. Natalie Graco

    Fabtastic resources! thanks for sharing! This will be brilliant for my year 7s!

  10. Kathryn

    Thank you Nicki, for sharing your resources. It has given me numerous ideas for our new curriculum from Sept.

  11. Lorraine

    Hi Nicki
    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful resources. They are absolute amazing and extremely engaging for the students I work with. I am just asking that on the off chance do you have a SOW for the PC Basics unit a I cannot seem to see this. I just wanted to ask before I started to create one.

    Much appreciated.

    Have a great day.


  12. Nicki Post author

    Hi Lorraine Thanks. I’m actually revamping my PC Basics unit and have nearly finished updating the resources and also writing the scheme of work. It should be online with the next week or two.

  13. Harpreet Johal

    Hi Nicki,

    Thank you so much for the scheme of work, it is excellent and we will be definitely using it!

  14. Lee Springett

    Hi Nicki,

    Love the update, especially your ideas for the human computer lesson. I was just wondering, have you run this yet? I was curious, what size you are printing the sheet to fit the motherboard/case in to the square so can take a picture?


  15. Nicki Post author

    Hi Lee, haven’t run this yet. It’s ready for the new year. I’m planning on printing at A3 size.


  16. Elles

    Thank you so much for these, i have been preparing something similar for the year 8s and your resources has definately come in handy and they are fantastic

  17. Sue

    I came across your PC Basics lessons which I found quite interesting, they were really useful as I have several weeks where I was able to use them with students. The lessons were fun and really engaging, and after running a student voice survey, the feedback was highly positive from the majority of students. I will definitely find time to incorporate these for next year. I also ensured I had a few computer components in the room for them to see and touch which made the lessons more interactive.

  18. martin

    I’m very impressed – these look really good. I’m starting to plan some non-school sessions about computing for children in a disadvantaged area of Cardiff, I hope you don’t mind if I use some of your slides. As we are starting from nothing, these will be an enormous help – we use volunteers and they won’t have the time to prepare fresh material.

  19. Nicki Post author

    Hi Sue, thanks for the fab feedback. Glad to hear the students enjoyed it. I’ve updated the scheme of work now too so it should be even better! Let me know what you think of the new resources if you get chance.


  20. Judy Kelly

    Hi Nicki – great resources and I plan to use these to introduce computing to my new Year 7s. I am having a problem opening the file Network Simulation Tool – I wondered if you could help? Many thanks for preparing this work.

  21. Nicki Post author

    Hi Judy, I’ve just tested the tool by downloading and running it and it seems to work fine on my computer. It’s a Flash file so you may need to ensure that is up-to-date?

  22. Nath

    Hi…fantastic resources and thank you for taking the time to share them. just wanted to ask if you had got anything that maps this to the levels?

  23. Tom

    Cracking resources! Thank you for sharing. Used your year 7 resources last year and found them amazing. You have a real talent, love the layout and detail you have put into these. Thank you again.

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  25. Anisah Hasan

    Thank you fro these, I used them last Year with Year 8’s and this year with Year 7s. I love the clear layout of the teacher PPT and the resources. Thank you for sharing.

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