OCR Nationals L3

In my school we run both the Certificate and Diploma for OCR Nationals Level 3. Resources for this are still a “work in progress” and are being updated throughout the year. Each zip file contains an assessment log and PowerPoints to accompany each assessment objective along with an introduction to the unit.


25 thoughts on “OCR Nationals L3

  1. Harry Sahota


    Love the website and resources.

    Do you by any chance have any SOW for all of your units?

    I’d be willing to pay a fee if you have them ready?

    Many thanks


  2. Nicki Post author

    Hi Harry, pleased you like the website. No sorry I don’t have a SOW for the OCR Nationals units I’m afraid, we just work from the resources here and plan to specific groups on a lesson-by-lesson basis.

  3. Yusuf

    Thanks, your resources are great. This is the best website – thanks; I really appreicate it.

  4. Andrew

    A great resource and a big help in planning the Nationals course – pity about the SOW though!!

  5. Maria

    Hi, I have looked through the resources for Unit 3 and I am stuck. I am not sure what the exam board means by ‘national empolyment trends’. I have also chosen Web development as my IT sector and also understand that the empolyment trends need to be in regrads with this. However, I am still stuck!

    Would you be able to help me?

  6. Nicki Post author

    Hi. For employment trends you need to look at how your chosen section has changed over a number of years, so for example look at things such as the number of people employed within the sector now and last year and year before etc. to talk about whether employment in this area has increased or decreased. You can also look at things such as salary and skills. I would also break it down a lot too. As you are doing Web development you could look at HTML, Javascript, Flash etc. and compare which areas have seen the biggest growth?

  7. Lindsay

    These resources are fantastic- thank you we started Level 3 last Sept after success with level 2- your resources really did help make sense of the model assignments and exam board guides. wonderful- thanks for all your hard work…. We are going to tackle Unit 14 Cartooning and Animation this year- I can send in some resources if you like- but won’t be in same format..

  8. Nicki Post author

    Hi Lindsay, thank you for your kind comments, I’m pleased you’re making use of my resources. I would love to take a look at your Unit 14 resources, I’ve not taught that unit before but it sounds interesting.

  9. Mongo

    Hi Nicki, Fantastic resources, thank you very much.
    We have just started OCR Nationals levels three so these PPTs are a great help.
    In Unit 1, AO1 students have to describe in detail email, WWW, Internet, etc.
    We are unsure of the depth of detail they need to go. Could you shed any light on this please?

  10. Nicki Post author

    Thanks for the comment. It’s a difficult one to answer as of cause it depends on the quality of what they have written as well. For a Pass, a paragraph for each with some examples would probably be sufficient. For a Merit maybe at least half a page (at a sensible font) for each and I would expect a Distinction student to pretty-much fill a page of A4 with the description and examples included.

  11. Joe L

    Great website… but noticed some of the mark schemes (e.g. Unit 4) does not match the latest on the OCR Nationals L3 site.

  12. Nicki Post author

    Thanks for the comment Joe. Will look into that. I did update Unit 4 since the spec changed, maybe I forgot to upload the updated version. Will check . .

  13. Nicki Post author

    Great, I have a few more to upload soon too. I haven’t taught 20 (that’s next!) or 11 yet though. Just finished 17 and 10, now I’ve got Unit 27 to prepare!

  14. Terry Entsie

    Hi im a student doing the OCR nationals L3 and i need resources in units 11, 3, 7 and 18.
    Any help will be highly appreciated

  15. Emmanuelle

    Hi Nikki
    Thanks for sharing your fantastic resources (always a fantastic template!)… Just started teaching Unit 26 and I am also using this website to motivate students a little for AO1… http://www.isobar.com/en/work/#!/ It helps them understand the analysis / problem identification + implementation stage with real outcomes!
    E 🙂

  16. Emmanuelle

    FOR UNIT 26 Project Planning, do hey need to use specific project management software? I have been looking at online solutions to cut the cost down but I have not come across any that would help build a project from A to Z! I saw you suggested Microsoft but this is not free… is it compulsory? any other ideas? thanks for your help

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