Game Control

This a complete Scheme of Work and is designed to last one term and covers the basics of flowcharts and sequencing and introduces students to using Scratch to create animations and games.




26 thoughts on “Game Control

  1. Kevin Tiernan

    Hi Nikki
    You did a list of avatar websites and I wondered if you still had the list as I wish to use one. You are an inspiration to every ICT teacher and I wish you continuing success. Does that get me the websites?

  2. Nicki Post author

    Thank you for your kind comments Kevin. Pleased you found the information you were looking for!

  3. Craig

    Hi Nicki,

    Great web site, love it, using it to inject some life into our KS3 curriculum. In your Scratch “Game Control” unit you refer several times to “Students follow the instructions on the Scratch Cards to make a new program”. I can’t find this resource on your download page however. Is there any chance I could get hold of this.

    Thanks in advance


  4. Lee Springett


    I have just completed turning this into a two lesson block unit with pupils developing their own games after using your first 6 lesson to build theory and understanding of scratch, Then tagged your lesson 7 on as the lesson 12 for assessment.

    I also turned the workbook into a publisher document with masterslides to secure to pages and added text boxes for the student to fill out.

    I would love to send them over to you if you want as your fantastic 7 lesson parts aloud me to create my own unit from.


  5. Carole rush

    Thank you for a fantastic Scheme of Work for Game Control.
    I have adapted the resources for Primary School (Year 4).
    You are an inspiration for ICT or should I say Computing. Keep the resources flowing and once again a very big thank you.

  6. Nicki Post author

    Hi Carole
    Thank you for your lovely comment! Glad to hear you’re making good use of the resources!

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  9. Dave Osborne

    Hi Nicky
    Do love the resources – so well put together and full of colour, thank you for sharing
    Have you got an example of the scratch project that you did for the virtual pet to show the pupils?

  10. S. Yarde

    I absolutely love your work!!!! You are definitely an inspirational Computing Teacher. The materials are amazing and bring so much life into the classroom again. Much needed. This is my go to website!

    Thank you for inspiring me and reminding me that Computing is FUN!!!!

  11. Noelia

    I am taking the position of KS3 co-0rdinator next year. You have given me plenty of great ideas. Your resources are fantastic!
    You are an inspiration to all

  12. Chris Dolan

    Great resource Nicki and great website. I might adapt this for year 6. Looking at developing something similar for Year 6. How do you fit in homework? Do you do separate worksheets?

  13. Nicki Post author

    For homeworks I’m currently writing up little projects to run alongside each scheme of work which the students work on throughout the term. Still have yet to do a new one for this topic as I’m adapting it a lot.

  14. Anjum


    Great resources, have you got a link for the editable versions please?



  15. robert

    Hey, thank you for your generosity, I work with SEN/EBD pupils and they have really engaged with this SOW 7 as someone else said it is a very inspirational SOW. Thank you, regards Robert.

  16. AR

    Hi Nicki
    Thee resources a great. I love how you manage to make your resources look fun. Perfect for my primary pupils.
    Do you have the editable version of the workbook so that I can adapt to suit KS2 and where can I find the scratch cards???

  17. Nicki Post author

    Hi, thanks for your comment. If you send me an email through my contact page I will be able to send you an editable version of the workbook. The Scratch Cards used to be available from the Scratch website, I’m not sure whether they still have them on there though.

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