9.1 Digital Imaging

This is an updated version of my old ‘Photoshop Wonders’ topic, it still contains all the old tasks but with some added extras to explain how images are represented on a computer. I should credit Steve Young, who emailed me some resources on bitmaps and binary which gave me ideas for Lesson 1 in this topic.

This scheme of work will give learners an understanding of how digital images are made up, addressing pixels, resolution and pixel depth. Learners will then move on to gain an understanding of some of the key tools in Photoshop to produce a portfolio of images from which they will gather feedback and produce an evaluation.

To find out more about this topic please download the scheme of work below. This unit can be purchased using the link below or from the store page which includes the teacher’s powerpoint and all resources required in an editable format. Please read the comments below for customer opinions.

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2 thoughts on “9.1 Digital Imaging

  1. Kit Patel

    Hi, You have some lovely resources on Photoshop. I was wondering if you could link me to the sharepoint activity “Us Online” as mentioned in your first Lesson on this topic. This would be much appreciated.

  2. Nicki Post author

    Hi Kit, that was an old resource. It was an online safety game that plugged into SharePoint but was licensed to my old school so I don’t have access to it now. I’m in the process of updating many of my schemes of work so will take that out when I update this one.



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