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In my school we have recently started this course and are running both the Introductory Diploma (1 A-Level) and Diploma (2 A-Levels) for Cambridge Technicals Level 3. As this course is so new, resources are still being developed. Six units will be developed this year and six next year. Each zip file contains an assessment log and PowerPoints (in the form of PDF to preserve formatting) to accompany each assessment objective along with an introduction to the unit. Resources, so far, are available for the following units:

  • Unit 1 (Mandatory) – Communication & Employability Skills for IT
  • Unit 10 – Developing Computer Games
  • Unit 15 – Computer Game Platforms & Technologies
  • Unit 17 – Interactive Media Authoring

25 thoughts on “Cambridge Technicals L3

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  2. Zena Campbell

    Hi Nicki

    We met at the Cambridge Tech training in the Oval and I praised your OCR Level 3 resources just want to say you have done it again with the Cambridge Tech Level 3 unit 1 – brilliant, fantastic resources.

    Thank you 🙂

  3. inam laher

    I cant open thezip file for unit1 would you mind emailing it my email address please

  4. Avinash

    Hi Nicki,
    your resources are fantastic, do you have anything for unit 2 Information system?


  5. Nicki Post author

    Hi Avi, thanks for your kind comment. So far I do not have anything for Unit 2 as I am not planning on teaching it until September (to be honest I’ve been putting it off as it doesn’t look very inspiring. I am currently working on Unit 20 and have some more that I need to upload as soon as I get chance.


  6. Nicki Post author

    When I delivered this unit I used Javascript and we made a web app, however this was a little problematic when it came to debugging errors so I probably won’t use it next time. I’ve used VB.NET in the past so I shall probably go back to using that, or possibly TouchDevelop.

  7. Emmett

    Thank you – really useful – feel free to contact us for some resources once we have written them!


  8. Nicola Rose

    Hi Nicki, your resources are fantastic! THANK YOU. Hvae you got anythign for Cambridge Techs L3? It’s so dull!! I would be interest to see your insight to it!
    Many thanks,

  9. Nicki Post author

    Hi Nicola, thanks yes all my Cambridge Technicals stuff is on here. I’m writing more units at the moment so they’ll be on here at a later date too.

  10. Noelia

    Hi Nicki,
    Thank you so much for sharing your hard work. I have used some of your resources and my students loved it. I was wondering if you have any resources for OCR entry level in computing.

    Again thank you so much


  11. Nicki Post author

    Hi Noelia

    I do have some resources for entry level which I am currently updating and tweaking. When I’ve finished I’ll post them on here. Thanks Nicki 🙂

  12. Marie Powell

    Hi Nicki,

    Im about to start teaching Unit 10 Develop Computer Games.
    Was wondering if you had had any moderated yet? Which software did you use for the Computer Game? The exam board suggests Kodu, Unreal or Gamemaker but having problems getting these on the network.


  13. Nicki Post author

    Hi Marie

    Kodu worked well for this unit, lots of schools use it and it’s free. It downloads as an MSI so should be no issue with deploying on a network. I don’t have access to any moderated work I’m afraid as I’m not at the same school any more and we’re not currently running this course at my new school.


  14. Dean Wild

    Had to just comment and say a HUGE thanks. I have been teaching Unit 15 for 2 years now and it has confused me so much. I have searched online countless times for other people doing the same unit but had no luck. Now that luck has changed. Your resources are amazingly designed and have been a huge help to me just so i can understand the unit! THANK YOU!

  15. Jo P

    Hi Nicki, hope you are well.

    Could you please share your brilliant KS5 Camb Nat PPT Template … My students really like the look of it and have asked for other units we do in the same format.

    Jo 🙂

  16. Adrian Muscat

    Hello Nicki

    Great resources, I was wondering if you have any resources for unit 3?



  17. Nicki Post author

    Hi Adrian, no not taught Unit 3. Will be developing more resources over the coming year as my current school is offering this from September (haven’t taught it in over a year since changing jobs!).


  18. nasrin walji

    I am teaching this course and would like some resources and scheme of work for unit 16. Will be really grateful.


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