GCE Applied

We have phased this course out in our school now but I have included the resources here still as they may be a benefit to others but are no longer being developed. The resources for this course are in the form of mini websites. One for each unit with accompanying resources linked in.

4 thoughts on “GCE Applied

  1. Nicki Post author

    Hi Dave

    Apologies, the site was rebuilt over the weekend and I must have missed that folder, it should all be working now!



  2. Jo Washington

    Hi Nicki

    Youve reaklly inspired me with the material on your website. We are starting to integrate Computer Science at KS3. Many thanks for sharing your work, it has really really helped me.

    As an aside I was looking at your Applied GCE material and was wondering if I could have a copy of your cars database to use with my new Y12?

    Many thanks once again


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