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Nicki   December 28, 2011   5 Comments on Kodu Quiz Game

When presenting at the Microsoft Partners in Learning forum, I was asked if it was possible to create a quiz-style game using Kodu. At first I thought this would not be possible but after giving it some more thought, I realised that this is actually fairly straight-forward. After reading this blog post from Alfred Thompson I thought using a tagged conversation was the way forward. However, I decided to simplify this by just listening for a particular button to be pressed. In my game players can answer multiple choice questions using A, B, X or Y on the gamepad.

The screenshots below show pages 2 and 3 of the character (Stick) who asks the question when bumped into by the player (Sputnik):

First the Stick asks a question then goes to Page 3. On this page it responds to the answer pressed on the gamepad. In this example the correct answer is given with the A button, in which the player is awarded with a pushpad (key) for the next part of the game. If the player gives a different answer the Stick will respond telling them they have the answer wrong and to try again. In my game I allow the player to have as many guesses as they like but this could be changed to make the game more difficult.

Currently the game does have a couple of bugs, one example is that the sticks are supposed to be closed until their key has been collected but this only seems to work sporadically and I haven’t quite figured out why?!

You can download the game here. Please feel free to try it out, use or adapt in any way!

For more Kodu demonstrations I will be on the Microsoft stand (D40) at BETT from 11th to 14th January.

5 thoughts on “Kodu Quiz Game

  1. Kod3Mast3r

    Great idea! And I love the implementation. I’m going to have to experiment with this idea and see if I just can’t make a “Game Show Shell” that allows you to easily enter quiz questions and answers inside a gameshow framework. Thanks!

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  3. Odaly

    Hi. I can’t download the game, I get the ‘Error (404)’. Can you please check this, I would love to try it out.

  4. Nicki Post author

    Hi, thanks for alerting me to this. I think I must have moved the file! It should be working now 🙂

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