Kodu and Literacy Primary Project

Today I started my Kodu and Literacy project with children from a local primary school. I began by teaching the children how to use the terrain tools in Kodu to create a world. The goal of the project is for them to design and develop their own literacy-style/storytelling games.

Next week we will be programming characters to talk to each other to form a treasure-hunt style game with the children adding the dialogue between the characters and objects.

Following that they will design and describe their own worlds before making them, then plan their game content and a storyline and characters for the final game. We will conclude the project with the children developing the games they have designed using Kodu.

Throughout the project the children will be blogging about the progress they are making each week. We have made a start already with a class entry written at the end of today’s session. You can check out our blog here.

For more information about the work I have been doing with Kodu, check out my Virtual Classroom Tour that I will be showcasing at the Microsoft European Forum in Lisbon.

One thought on “Kodu and Literacy Primary Project

  1. Craig Sargent

    Hi Nickki,

    This is great stuff! Even since you inspired me into Kodu I have been working on my own SoW’s, I have developed one quite similar to this in terms of the strong literacy links and story building element, but its for year 9’s in preperation for an in house KS4 Mock style assignment we are going to set them afterwards called “Creating a Video Game for a Given Purpose”.

    I have just posted the SoW of my blog. I hope you don’t mind, but I have flagged you up on the blog and linked to this site as my original source of inspiration!


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