Summertime and Money Off

Henry CodeYou may have read my previous post on ‘Why I’ve Been So Quiet Lately‘ and as a result will know that I am currently on maternity leave with the little guy on the right until January 2017. As the first three and a half months of my maternity leave were spent with my son in hospital I decided to divert from my original plan and take the full year off. As I’m sure you can imagine as a result of now being on statutory maternity pay (and nothing at all pretty soon) funds are a little tight and I have therefore decided to start charging for some of my teaching resources, this will also give me the motivation to work on some new topics while I am off. You can see what’s available by visiting the store.

My units are reasonably priced at £110 each which includes all resources in an editable format and throughout the summer holiday (up to 1st September 2016) you can get 10% off at the checkout by entering the following voucher code:


There will be some exciting things to come over the next few months including a fully self-marking Baseline Assessment for Computing, so check back regularly for updates!

Have a great summer everyone and if you’re looking for some interesting holiday reads, check out the following books:

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