Time is Nearly Up for Kodu Kup 2014

Kodu Kup

It’s been an exciting year in the world of the Kodu Kup again. Building on the success of last year’s competition and Kodu winning a BETT Award back in January, Kodu Kup 2014 will be drawing to a close in just a few weeks. I have, again, been working alongside Microsoft in the development of resources for the competition and will soon be looking at all of the game entries to shortlist the winners so it’s an exciting (and busy) time of year. This year’s competition featured a change from last year in that we decided to leave out the themes with a more open-ended task of creating a game with an effective storyline and I’m really looking forward to playing the games produced. I’m sure I’ll be seeing a lot of creativity!

If you have been working with children in your school to enter the competition you will know that the deadline for all entries is Friday 30th May so it’s fast approaching. Check out the Microsoft Teachers’ blog if you need a recap on how to upload your students’ games and documentation. Remember, there are four sections to the judging criteria:

  • Game Documentation
  • Game Play Experience
  • Game Complexity
  • Design of the Environment

Before submitting your entries it’s always a good idea to have a quick reminder of the full judging criteria¬†which can be found in the teacher’s pack, this will help to ensure your students haven’t missed any key features that could gain them those vital extra marks!

If you need a reminder of why this is such a fantastic competition, take a look at the Kodu Kup Final video below to see what an amazing day the children had. You can read more about last year’s competition in one of my previous blog posts:


Good luck to everyone entering the competition! Looking forward to playing the games and meeting some of you soon!


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