Where has my Summer Gone?

Nicki   September 30, 2013   No Comments on Where has my Summer Gone?

I just wanted to add a quick post as it dawned on me that I’d almost vanished from the Internet (well Twitter at least) all summer! I have also neglected my blog so apologies if you have added comments, to which I have only just replied. The reason? I am planning a wedding! I got engaged to my long-term partner at Christmas and we are due to get married in only a few weeks. As a result I dedicated my summer holiday to making papercraft table centre-pieces, the intention being to actually¬†finish¬†them over the summer affording me a stress-free start to term! Ha ha! Well things didn’t quite go to plan as the papercrafting turned out to be a lot more time-consuming that I had originally planned and as a result I am still spending most evenings and weekends, in between lesson planning, working on them with only one more left to do (Lara Croft)!

Being the geek that I am I’m sure you will not be surprised to hear that we are having a geeky theme to our wedding in the form of computer games with each table being named after one of our favourite games (yes, my future husband is a bit of a geek too!). So here is the result of my summer of hard work:

I should also mention another success of my summer which was being featured on television with some of my students, you can check out the condensed version of Propellor TV’s Business World here:

Again, apologies if you post comments or email me and I take a long time to respond! Please be patient! Once I return from my honeymoon in early November I’ll be back to business!


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