Kodu Tutorial Videos

With my inherited title, “Queen of Kodu”, I have begun to develop a series of Kodu tutorial videos. I have created a playlist of these on YouTube which you can find below or by clicking here. I am aiming to continue adding to these as time permits. Hopefully some of you will find them useful. If you have any suggestions of videos you would like to see, please add comments/suggestions below.

2 thoughts on “Kodu Tutorial Videos

  1. Portia Thorman

    Hi Nicki,
    Several years ago now you came into Christ Church Junior School in Ramsgate to deliver a Kodu workshop for some gifted and talented kids. I was wondering if you are still doing this kind of thing? I am now working at Hornbeam school in Deal and would love to get the same experience for the kids there.
    Thanks a lot

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