New Year, New Term, New Computing Curriculum!

KS3CurriculumWell, it’s back to school tomorrow and I’ve had a busy summer compiling schemes of work for our new Computing Curriculum which we’ll be starting next week when the children return.

I still have lots more to do but I’ve managed to produce enough schemes of work for at least the first few months for year 9, and years 7 and 8 have enough to take us until Easter.

I should note that we will be assessing all our students by using the Computing at Schools Progression Pathway Assessment Framework and I’ve built this into each scheme of work.

To begin the year I’ve put together an initial baseline assessment activity for all year groups to sit so we are able to gain an idea of what our students know already. In future years we will just carry this out with our new year 7 students.

Luckily I’ve been quite proactive in both my current and previous schools and had started to introduce some of the Computing topics already so in some cases I just needed to update some of my existing schemes of work. Also some of my ICT resources were already well-suited to the last strand of the assessment framework which was handy!

To read about our new KS3 curriculum check out the document below which includes links to all the schemes of work and resources. Hope you find this useful. As always, I’d welcome any feedback. Hope you had a great summer break and good luck with the start of a new year!


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