Key Stage 4

In my school at Key Stage 4 we have just starting teaching Cambridge Nationals in ICT. I have only been responsible for developing two of the units for this course as I don’t actually teach key stage 4. You can find resources for Unit 5 (Creating an Interactive Product) and Unit 8 (Introduction to Computer Programming) below.


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  1. Chris Humphrey says:

    Looking forward to seeing your KS4 resources. I have just used Kodu with Year 7 for the first time and they loved every minute of it. I adapted the Microsoft classroom kit and will tweak it for next year.

  2. Nicki says:

    Thanks Chris. I have recently been developing resources for the new Cambridge Nationals course in my school so will be uploading these in the near future. Have you seen my Kodu scheme of work: ?

  3. John Richards says:

    Awesome site! Great resources the moment i find time between new Qualifications i will try and emulate this type of resource sharing….Thank you!

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